No one can determine another’s destiny.” - Neji.

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Oh you know the usual things people do in the internet.. Browse tumblr, read fanfics?

Seriously though idk how this is even still getting notes

a date and an almost kiss


It doesn’t matter what day it is as long as you are happy!! [Fairy Tail Special Chapter 376.5, 413 Days]


Happy Birthday Jean Kirschtein [07.04]

"I’m not a suicidal bastard like you, Eren"


Levi’s “Rite of Passage” under Keith Shadis, ACWNR Extra Edition

I started it.This is something I can only do now. From this moment forward, with these members!

Puppy Romance. Birthday Gift to Leia!

happy birthday you sweet thing! you were the reason why i started to ship KibaIno. You are a wonderful person Leila, so happy happy birthday <3 <3
Yukine (雪音) from Noragami.
Requested by tsukis.

In all my years of living, I’ve come close to death only twice. The first time I broke six ribs, both arms, and ruptured a handful of internal organs. That was when I was caught doing “research” at a hot spring and Tsunade beat me like a drum. 


Fathers-in-law part 1


JINX - 2014
One of my favorite character of Lol !

( An illustration began in December 2013 - over and finished the last few hours )
Art of Grelin